Sending Gifts to friends

2014-09-10 15:25:06.308397 Dear pilots,

We're happy to inform you about the latest feature in the game - Sending Gifts:
  • You'll be now able to purchase and send gifts to players in your Friendlist (above level 10).

  • Gifts could be Cash, Ammo, Power-Ups and Boosters.

  • The option is available in the side menu.

  • Also there are a few important improvements:
  • Added protection for Fusion exploit.

  • Account Bound confirm window will not be shown for already Bound items.

  • Ammo category in Gambler will not be available.

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    Good luck and have fun,
    Andromeda 5 Team

    Instances, Extraction points and other improvements

    2014-08-25 14:37:36.292091 Greetings, pilots!

    The latest Andromeda5 update includes changes in Instances Difficulty level, Extraction points in the open PvP as well as visual and sound improvements. Here they are:
  • Fixed bug with wrong alien stats in Hard and Instane difficulty in Instances. Please note that they will become more powerful now.

  • Fixed bug with broken nicknames, because of the dash symbol.

  • Fixed bug with missing Custom avatars in Profile's Appearance menu.

  • Long names of hotkeys will be shown cut in the Skillbar.

  • Long player names will not overlap ship's bars anymore.

  • Tooltips will appear only for the top window.

  • New sounds added on PvP Victory, PvP Defeat and mission reward taking.

  • The Quest Tracker will now use shorter text for missions' objectives.

  • Open PvP changes:
  • Extraction points's upgrades and mercenaries prices have been greatly reduced.

  • Extraction point's mercenaries stats have been increased.

  • Extraction points will have 40% damage reduction bonus when controlled and 80% damage reduction bonus when being captured.

  • Fixed bug with the selection of aliens attacking the Extraction points.

  • Thank you for all the wonderful ideas you share with us, keep going!
    Don't forget to check our forum at:

    Have fun,
    Andromeda 5 Team